I've made 100 posts.

  1. I come into being.
  2. I play Magic cards and insult Conner.
  3. Speculation on violent magicians.
  4. Outdated link, insufficient organ.
  5. coagulate.blogspot.com still exists, but hasn't updated since 2003.
  6. It would make for a killer musical.
  7. Cat Garza?
  8. I graduate and host a disease.
  9. I go to Europe.
  10. Fuck Rome.
  11. I ended up playing Magic on the beach at the French Riviera with a cute Korean girl in a swimsuit. That's the least nerdy Magic game ever.
  12. Paris: Pretty cool.
  13. Pictures never appeared, which is a recurring motif here.
  14. neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerd
  15. I probably should have asked that Czech girl out or something.
  16. no content
  17. I kind of stopped worrying about connectivity and stuff. But apparently I really cared about it.
  19. We Love Katamari was seriously my biggest comfort back in those dark, dark days. It's really happy and welcoming and comforting and basically served as a substitute best friend when I was depressed.
  20. spiders
  21. snow
  22. Another recurring motif: the evil that men (at Square Enix) do.
  23. Uh, whatever. But at least LEGO Sam Fisher is still cool.
  24. unicorns
  25. I have achieved no higher glory than this.
  26. Making New Year's resolutions by swearing oaths to foreign landscapes is a tradition for me now.
  27. Moral of the story: conservative Christian Chinese girls are ultimately no good.
  28. I've still never been to Ahn'Qiraj.
  29. Good use of color.
  30. The movie proposal is still kind of surprising.
  31. I'm not quite sure how Magic cards came in there.
  32. At least, unlike Michael, I have not lost my dorm keys on about three separate occasions.
  33. I used to take programming classes.
  34. After I've beaten him to death with his own dragons, I can safely say that Patrick True is no longer worthy of being my arch-nemesis.
  35. They got better at this.
  36. That means "huuuugs" in German.
  37. I will never write a sestina again. Not for lack of trying; I simply used up my capacity to write them. "Skirl" has a different meaning than I thought it did, but it still works the way I used it.
  38. Crysis is prettier than Nat Zhong.
  39. Staying up late at night watching bad movies is a good way to get projects done. Although what really helps me with writing is '30s movies.
  40. homosexuals
  41. Can't remember why I did this.
  42. I have the department store, end of the world, and prison listed as good short story ideas, but not the giraffe? That's easily the most entertaining one.
  43. My userbase is still unfortunately small.
  44. In addition to We Love Katamari, walking around Lake Washington helped alleviate depression.
  45. Nat: She likes airplanes. But I forget which one is her favorite. One time I gave her a rock. D:
  46. That campaign is dead, and I didn't even get to kill everyone. :(
  47. Black cannot kill enchantments.
  48. chinese
  49. I like this one. It's well-written. There should be more like it.
  50. This story sucks.
  51. I want to name my firstborn Eradicate. Decimate, if it's a girl.
  52. It's a historic moment. Wow.
  53. This story is good.
  54. I work in circulation.
  55. concussion
  56. Nat.
  57. This story is boring, but it was presented as a spiral. Or it would have been if the campaign hadn't died.
  58. Turns out he wanted to figure out what volumes I needed so he could get me the right one for Christmas.
  59. China Mieville wrote a book about Marxism, which I'm hoping has gotten all of the Marxism out of his system.
  60. Ironically, sometimes I have trouble getting out of bed.
  61. In my favor, indeed. ;)
  62. shit post
  63. It was kind of depressing.
  64. Aw, man, Portal still isn't out yet.
  65. Nicely impromptu.
  66. God is not merciful. God is spiteful and vengeful.
  67. I never finished that story. But it wasn't turning out so well anyway.
  68. I just like towers, okay? Also bridges.
  69. eeeeeeeeemmmmoooooo
  70. RoboRally: It's fun.
  71. Sure, okay. Outland.
  72. I think I might've thrown the pinecone away.
  73. This could work.
  74. fashion!
  75. resin
  76. I have a cooler mount now.
  77. They're almost surreal in full bloom.
  78. That's Nat, BTW.
  79. Shitty poetry is de rigeur on the Interblogs.
  80. It probably didn't help that I was wearing a bright blue jacket.
  81. You mean to make neutron star?
  82. I like the joke on Lymph Sliver. It really is quite seminal-looking.
  83. This is one of the greatest things I have had the privilege of hearing. Also on that list: hearing Young say "twat."
  84. Sometimes comics are unintentionally disturbing. Especially Gil Thorp, which is drawn by Satan or something.
  85. This one was a total pain in the ass to format.
  86. They should work on Otogi.
  87. Archons, Ghosts, etc.
  88. YOU FAIL
  89. Pirates desu kara!
  90. The worst part about living here is that you can only kill yourself once.
  91. Recurring motif!
  92. "Angry cat" is still a pretty good metaphor.
  93. Only look at this late at night. It'll be hilarious then.
  94. I heard the full length of that song today. It was good.
  95. 7th Sea still continues apace.
  96. Nat hasn't seen the zorse? What the Hell, Nat, I thought you were good at the Internet.
  97. It might've been Erica Cooper.
  98. Probably somebody I talked to at a party.
  99. You like my Wizard People references towards the end? Because I do.
  100. I recovered my license.


it's the future. we are in the future.

Today I got out of work and discovered that I'd lost my driver's license somewhere. I couldn't find it. But then I check my email and discover that I've got a message from some Asian girl on Facebook. "At last!" I think. "The mystery revealed!"

But it turns out she'd found my license and was telling me she'd turned it in to the lost and found at the IMA.

So that mystery is still unsolved.


deathly hallows spoilers!

According to J.K. Rowling, the last word of the book is "scar."

Possibly because the final paragraph is:

"Harry knew there was only one way to stop Voldemort from killing Upfish. He had to travel back in time. Back to the only time when Voldemort was vulnerable... "Temporus Reversi!" cried Harry, brandishing his wand over his head with a flourish. Sparks cascaded from his wand, big, magical sparks that suffused everything around him with a blurry, magical glow. Everything ran backwards around Harry, and the events of the past few days undid themselves before his eyes... Ron's marriage to Hermione and subsequent death, Snape's revelation that he and Dumbledore were the same person, Malfoy falling to his death from a conveniently-placed cliff, Ron's hypno-marriage to Bellatrix Gryffindor having recieved another million points for no Goddamn reason, all those magical creatures and objects with no real narrative value, Sirius Black's triumphant return from the Dimension of Death to kill 500,000 Death Eaters with an enchanted chaingun, Snape's revelation that he was a (magical) robot all along, even that one time the Death Eaters did something cool and totally evil offscreen while Harry was talking about Malfoy. All of this sped by faster and faster until it was just a magical blur, and then suddenly everything stopped. Harry was standing in an old-timey bedroom, looking down on a crib.* In that crib was a crying baby... a crying baby Voldemort! Harry steeled himself for what he needed to do. With a trembling voice, he incanted "Cru...cruciatus." And a bolt of magical green lightning spat from the tip of his wand, striking against the baby's forehead. But the baby was protected! Protected, dear readers, by love! Lo ho ho! A startling turn of events for our hero, for the spell that would have made short work of such a tiny member of God's kingdom of animals in the domain of Eukaryota bounces harmlessly off the baby's tiny, soft skull and strikes Harry straight in his! "Aargh," says Harry, as he disvaporates into a pile of ashes, ashes blown away on the wind and out the window. But we zoom in, only to see that on that most adorably evil forehead is now a tiny symbol, the symbol of Harry's ultimate defeat by the Dark Lord, he who can't be named, because he doesn't even have one yet, because he's a baby: a little finely-carved lightning bolt-shaped scar."


Also, I like Electric Six's Gay Bar. But you might have already known that, or at least suspected.

* I typoed "crab" instead of "crib," which would have made for a much funnier ending.


internets: always watching

Good God, Wikipedia, how do you know these things? If you're going to list my major, shouldn't you at least have a citation?

The IP traces to Denver.


i think i'm being targeted by the triads

So Wednesday night apparently this Asian girl asked for me at the front desk of the library. But I wasn't there. And I have no idea who it is.


the punkest animal ever

The zorse. I want one, ideally as a unicorn WARRIOR STALLION.

the new world

Because I am a nerd, I am starting a blog to document my 7th Sea campaign. It is called The New World (both the campaign and the blog) and can be found at http://novusmundi.blogspot.com.