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Yesterday: went to Saviors of Kamigawa prerelease tournament with Megan and Drew. Went 0 out of 4 games in team sealed deck, but ended up with the Howling Mine Guy, Godo, and Cranial Extraction in addition to a bunch of other stuff that nobody really wanted but me.

However: One of the card store booths there was running a wheel-of-fortune-type deal where $1.00 got you a spin that could get you (mostly crappy) cards (although I missed my chance to get a Mudhole, alas). If you hit 0, you'd get to spin the Bonus Wheel for extra-special prizes that were actually pretty good. I spun precisely five times. First go: Rakavolver. Second: Mana Cache. Third: Foil Serra Avatar. It's shiny, flashy, and overpriced, which means that pre-teens (and Conner) just love it. Goddamnit, I don't need a foil Serra Avatar.

I ended up trading it off to some kid in exchange for a bunch of cards I actually want. I like to think of it as spreading evil, since that kid will now ruin all his friendships by lording his foil Serra Avatar over everybody else. He'll just bring it up in conversation whenever possible:

"Do you want to play Magic this
"Hell yes, I just got a foil Serra
"I got an A on my project! I worked so hard
on it!
Aren't you glad for me?"
"Yes, but check out my foil Serra
"Hey, did you hear that Timmy died of cancer? Isn't that sad?"
"I guess. Did you know that I have a foil
Serra Avatar?
And so on. My fourth spin brought me Psychic Trance, that little gem. And my fifth, last for the night? A booster box of Unhinged. Finally I can sponsor an Unhinged booster draft, not to mention the fact that I can stick City of Ass in my Sliver deck. Total profit for the night: About $120. Goddamnit.
The Actual Prerelease Tournament: Our decks were too big, so we could never find the cards we needed. My deck was still a lot of fun to play, though, because I could draw LOTS of cards. Probably more cards than anyone else in the room. Plus I had a bunch of Soulshift things going on. We still kept on losing, though.
Best Part: Somebody got out Reverence against me, which prevents him from being attacked by creatures with power 2 or less. With a couple exceptions, this means most of my creatures will never be able to touch him. I'm also pretty sure I have no way to get rid of the Reverence, but I decide to drag this out until the bitter end anyway. I end up losing the match simply because we run out of time in the round. Fun!
Unrelated: Today I bought clothes. I like clothes. Also a CD, but I won't say which one.

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