To clear older, more depressing things out more quickly, here's some things I've been doing recently:

-Playing a free trial of Warhammer Online in an attempt to visit with Amber, virtually. Did you know Orcs are sexless and grow from spores? IT'S TRUE! It's pretty good, but I don't have the money to buy it currently SOOOO

-Continuing to apply for jobs on a regular basis, continuing to not get job interviews because nobody really wants me.

-Writing a comic book with my friend Sarah, who will be doing the art because she is a much better artist than me. It is about a guy who discovers the secret fantasy world of the early morning and gets sucked in, kind of a suburban version of urban fantasy, if you consider Wallingford to be a suburb. I finished the script for chapter one last weekend, and gave it to Sarah on Monday, so she's currently working on layouts (last I talked to her, anyway).

-Putting together a bunch of photographs for a Starbucks in Kirkland where my friend from art school, Ashley, is now in charge of the art wall. They are all night shots and collectively they almost killed all my printer's color ink, also I'm not currently sure how best to mount/frame them but perhaps the giant piece of black foam core I bought today will give me some ideas.

-My dad's going to be writing the next trilogy of Halo novels, so I'm going to be his story consultant since he's never played Halo and, in fact, hates first-person shooters. This means I know HALO UNIVERSE SECRETS that I am sworn never to reveal.

-Playing Ninja Gaiden II, which is alternately fun and frustrating, just like its predecessors. Highlights include a boss which explodes when you beat it, killing you unless you figure out that you need to block; ninja dogs with katanas in their mouths that throw shuriken at you somehow; zombies with one chainsaw arm and one grenade launcher arm; a sequence where you fight more ninjas than the Xbox can actually handle without slowing the framerate down; and a giant-ass scythe.