2am best time to blog about world of warcraft

Today I tried to get to 58 tonight, to get my undead warrior through the Dark Portal. It looked like it was achievable, only half a level to go and I had all these quests to run around and do shit: find a ghost aunt, find her husband's ring, bring it to a gnome who's actually a dragon in disguise and hangs out in the inn in a town filled with mindless undead, bring her a book too, then take it to some guy = MASSIVE EXXXP. But not as massive as I'd like (and here I almost typed "ass masive") because I was still just a little bit away.

I figure I'll kill Plaguehounds. Tirion Fordring wants me to kill plaguehounds, I can understand why he'd want me to kill regular plaguehounds and Frenzied Plaguehounds, that makes sense, but killing Plaguehound Runts just seems cruel, they've already been abandoned by their Plaguehound Parents and got picked on at plaguehound school, now I have to kill 20 of them, seriously?

There's only one poor little forlorn Plaguehound Runt every five miles or so, so I have to wander around and watch 20 of these look up at me with their [Sad, Sad Eye]s as I brutally slaughter them? Couldn't I just kill the five million Frenzied Plaguehounds over there? Oh no, Tirion Fordring, you hate all things cute and adorable, you are the worst crusader yet. I will not kill plaguehounds for you and I certainly will not bring you food and I hope you starve and die over the winter.

I gave up and went to bed.



Today I actually met one of the people who lives across the hall in my apartment. Not at the apartment, though, at the library because when I checked out books to her I recognized my address. She seems nice I guess? Their room is the one that always seems to be watching animes and she doesn't seem like the kind of girl to be watching animes.



Today I was in the library's pie competition. That's an internal competition, by the way, not random library patrons entering pies. So I made my first ever pie Wednesday (because I didn't have enough time today or yesterday). It was an Ohio Shaker Lemon Pie, and, although delicious, it didn't win. It was probably my favorite, but that's because I'm currently favoring very tart pies. Hence me making a lemon pie.


ten female vocalists that i would totally do (based mostly on their songs)

Martina Topley-Bird
I'm just a girl
With featherweight curls
When I heard this song in Indigo Prophecy (during a shower scene, incidentally), I knew I had to have it. And then I tracked down the British release of her CD, because on the American release they decided to leave off some tracks.

You won't get the impression from this one track, but she's really, really versatile.

Adele Bethel from Sons and Daughters
You made the first move
When I was near you
Turned wrong to right
Sons and Daughters sound like they are just waiting to beat someone senseless and a large part of that is Adel Bethel's borderline-screaming.

Ninja from the Go! Team
It's the blast from the past
Superb in every word
Ninja is not only a fine rapper and dancer but a great guitarist and drummer, because everybody in the Go! Team can pretty much do everything. And she has cute socks.

That Asian girl in the Go! Team seems pretty cute too, but I never really got a good look at her.

Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth
I don't wanna
I don't think so
Another entry in the "girls who sound like they can kick everyone's asses" department. She doesn't sound like she'd be married with a daughter, but she is. Oh well.

Hello Saferide
Would you freak out if I said I liked you?
Do you walk the line?
Is your IQ higher than your neighbor's?
Is it very much higher than mine?
Easily beats out Kimya Dawson for "most adorable singer ever." I guarantee that I would be good to her and respect the fact that she is scared of feet.

Leslie Feist
We'll collect the moments one by one
I guess that's how the future's done
This is the first Feist song I heard. The album version is much more produced and happy, which changes the meaning. With full pop production values and a chorus behind it, this song sounds like she's going to do all the things she says, get old, get married, get a house and have kids. With all that stripped away, it sounds like she's dreaming of something she knows she'll never do.

Mattie May Thomas
You keep on talkin' 'bout the dangerous blues
If I had me a pistol I'd be dangerous too
There's no picture here because there isn't one. She made maybe four recordings in her life, back in the Thirties. She was in prison. That's all we know. Other singers sound like they might kill people, Mattie May Thomas probably actually killed someone.

Ambrosia Parsley from Shivaree
Some may say I'm for you to use and throw away
Yeah that's what they say
But they'll say most anything to keep you away from me
But that doesn't mean that other singers can sound more like they'll kill you. The best part about Shivaree is the air of vague menace.

Which doesn't really come up in this song, oh well.

Neko Case
Does your soul cast about like an old paper bag
Past empty lots and early graves?
Neko Case is the person responsible for making me like Tacoma. Also she sings country songs about the Green River Killer.

Meiko Kaji
Iin na naomosa
Mitsumete aruku
Yami wo dakishimeru
Janomeno kasa hitotsu
(I walk with the weight of the Milky Way on my shoulders
But an umbrella that holds all the darkness that there is)
She's an actress in '70s Japanese action movies that I haven't seen, and she sings the theme song a lot of the time. This one is from Lady Snowblood. Oh, and also Kill Bill.


the jessica saga

Not so much of a saga as an anecdote, but a really interesting one though. More interesting than 82% of my life, anyway.

About a month ago, I'm riding the bus downtown and there's this really strikingly pretty girl on the seat across from me, talking with her friend. Which means I don't really have a good chance of talking to her, but she seems really interesting (and extremely cute). Unfortunately, I'm probably never going to see this girl again, and that makes me a little sad.

A while back on the Internet, I was reading about this guy in New York who saw a girl like that on the subway, and made a really cute website dedicated to meeting her. I don't really have the Internet skills to pull off that sort of marketing campaign, but I do have a pencil and a notebook in my bag. So I write a note saying something along the lines of:

This is kind of creepy but
I think you're really pretty
and maybe I could buy you tea sometime?
My phone number is ###-###-####
Oh, and by name is Erik by the way.

When she and her friend get up to get off the bus, I hand her the folded-up note, and say, "You should take this."
"Okay," she says, a little confused I assume. And then she leaves. I figure it's a real long shot and I'm never going to see her again anyway.

A week or two later I get a text:

Hello Erik. This is
Jessica. You might
not remember me,
but i'm the girl
from the bus awhile
ago. I just found
the note again
after clearing off
my desk. How do
you do?

We look each other up on Facebook. Unfortunately (for me anyway), it turns out she has a boyfriend. But she'd still like to be friends, which is still good. After some complex schedule renegotiations, I finally buy her tea at this really good place on the Ave, about two weeks ago. She's really nice (obviously) and we spend about three hours talking about really nerdy things. She'd been referring to me among her friends as either "the bus boy" or "Mr. Bear," so we drew each other pictures of Mr. Bear, who has a monocle, cane, etc. Hers is better than mine, which makes me a little ashamed to be an art major.

So we're pretty good friends now, which makes me really happy because it's really unlikely that we would have met, and also I'd assumed I would never see this girl again.


places i'd want to go if i could part one: gunkanjima

Hashima, called "Gunkanjima" because in silhouette it resembles a battleship, was developed as a coal mining town but was abandoned in the 1970s.

It is currently closed off to the public but there are some pictures.

And an album.

It was featured in the final level of Killer7 and is therefore my only Wikipedia edit.