2am best time to blog about world of warcraft

Today I tried to get to 58 tonight, to get my undead warrior through the Dark Portal. It looked like it was achievable, only half a level to go and I had all these quests to run around and do shit: find a ghost aunt, find her husband's ring, bring it to a gnome who's actually a dragon in disguise and hangs out in the inn in a town filled with mindless undead, bring her a book too, then take it to some guy = MASSIVE EXXXP. But not as massive as I'd like (and here I almost typed "ass masive") because I was still just a little bit away.

I figure I'll kill Plaguehounds. Tirion Fordring wants me to kill plaguehounds, I can understand why he'd want me to kill regular plaguehounds and Frenzied Plaguehounds, that makes sense, but killing Plaguehound Runts just seems cruel, they've already been abandoned by their Plaguehound Parents and got picked on at plaguehound school, now I have to kill 20 of them, seriously?

There's only one poor little forlorn Plaguehound Runt every five miles or so, so I have to wander around and watch 20 of these look up at me with their [Sad, Sad Eye]s as I brutally slaughter them? Couldn't I just kill the five million Frenzied Plaguehounds over there? Oh no, Tirion Fordring, you hate all things cute and adorable, you are the worst crusader yet. I will not kill plaguehounds for you and I certainly will not bring you food and I hope you starve and die over the winter.

I gave up and went to bed.

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