i found the woman i want to marry

and apparently she is Catherine Chalmers. I pretty much fell in love with her from listening to this episode of This American Life, where she talks about photographing animals eating each other. But it's a forbidden love, never meant to be.


hmmm projects

I decided to make a set of 365 photos of sunsets, but when I actually went through my collection and pulled out the photos that would work, I only had 50 from about three years' worth of photography. I guess I'd better step it up.


part three: plot twist

I looked her up on Facebook and it says she's in a relationship, but she also says "don't always believe in what you read on the internet versus what you know from talking to someone ... just saying."


blue-haired girl, part two

Her name, by the way, is Christina. We had coffee, while we played chess, and I barely won. She managed to out-nerd me, arguably, because she's a big fan of Young Justice and tries to collect their comics. I don't know if that's a dealbreaker or not, but my ideal girl, assuming that she was a big fan of an obscure DC superhero team, would probably be a fan of Suicide Squad, or the Doom Patrol, or maybe the Crime Syndicate of Amerika. But Young Justice? I don't know. At least she's a big fan of Psychonauts. Apparently a big enough fan to end up on their website. She mentioned that and I was all, "oh hey that was your pumpkin? huh." Oh and she's cute, but I knew that already.

I'm pretty sure that you could consider it a date, although any date that ends up with you both searching through back issues at the comic book store might not technically be a date.


the blue-haired girl saga part one

Well I have a crush on this girl with blue hair in the art building who has class across from me so I see her in the hallways sometimes, and one time I took the opportunity to talk with her briefly (about a drawing she was working on), and then we said 'hi' to each other when we passed by for a while, so yesterday i actually managed to ask her out for coffee, which will take place Friday.

Basically I'm really impatient for it to be Thursday afternoon now.