yeah well i guess no more five rings this year

I don't think I'd be able to schedule any Five Rings in before everybody leaves again, and this story is looking like it's going to have to be a four-parter anyway.


ragnarok diary chapter three

The sun returned and the city is slowly approaching normal life again, ending the perpetual twilight blizzard inhabited only by huddled, ghost-like figures. Briefly the tips of the ice-covered trees glistened in the sunlight, like they were made of crystal.


ragnarok diary chapter two

I tried to go to this birthday get-together for some people I know from art classes, over in the U-District, but when I showed up an hour late there was nobody there I knew, so I assume nobody else made it. I couldn't find a bus to take me back, so I decided to walk up Capitol Hill to get back home, about an hour's walk in the snow. My hair iced over, and now I understand why arctic expeditions go insane - it's not the cold, it's not the loneliness, it's not the silence - it's the endless walk through the endless fields of white.

ragnarok diary chapter one

Fimbulvinter is upon us, the Great Winter that precedes Ragnarok, the Last Battle and the end of the world. Already the city is quiet, abandoned, everyone huddles inside for shelter and warmth. I could not see the sunset behind the haze of gently falling snow, but it is getting dark now. It is only going to get worse, they say.


i bet you all forgot about that

I'm still working on Legend of the Five Rings, now that I have immense amounts of free time. Even though you've probably forgotten everything that was going on, it's still going to be awesome, assuming I can get it done in time and find some place to run it, because my apartment is really not good for that.


bhgs: conclusion

Well now I don't know if she has a girlfriend or she's just not interested in dating or what, but I'm giving up. Well actually I gave up like a week ago.