dear diary

Today I was playing Ravnica draft. I was on two life, staring down three fliers with no fliers of my own. I have no cards that can take out multiple creatures, so I am formally screwed.

Unless I can find a way to get a 5/5, a pair of 2/2s, and a 1/1 past three blockers to deal 10 damage.

I draw Bathe in Light. All his blockers are blue. I can use Radiance to give all my creatures protection from blue. If one of them wasn't green, that is.

I have a green/white creature in my hand. I can play it and target it with the Bathe in Light to make all my creatures unblockable.

I swing for 10.

Me and my opponent are both rendered speechless. Then we start to crack up. The general air of disbelief continues for a couple minutes.


japan: always with the war metaphors

From a report on the Japanese Xbox 360 launch:
Following the light-hearted ceremony, the two Microsoft execs got serious, issuing some stern comments about their company's competitors. "History tells us that no great empire lasts forever," said Moore. "In the case of the Sony PlayStation, obviously it has been a great empire. But when a superior culture comes along, typically, it means the end of that empire. We believe that the superior culture is the Xbox 360 games experience, particularly the Xbox Live experience, which will bring communities from around the world together through gaming."

Just replace "Sony PlayStation," with "all other Asian cultures," consider that the Japanese have been thinking about getting rid of Article 9, and I think it's pretty clear that the only thing standing between us and total nuclear war with the DPRK is, well, Sam Fisher.

Extra credit: The DPRK's website has a .com address. Would a .org address have been more appropriate, or can we assume that .com stands for .communism? Discuss.


nobody ever listens to me

I hope somebody at least has paid attention to what I'm saying about Square being evil. Not only will FFXII cost nearly EIGHTY DOLLARS in Japan, but they intend to work with Suntory to create a licensed Final Fantasy Potion energy drink.




I think this might even top the astonishing range of FFX merchandise that they've come out with.

If you think about it, FFX is actually kind of like a metaphor for the Final Fantasy series as a whole. The endless rebirth of Sin to terrorize Spira represents the endless stream of Final Fantasy games and related merchandise to drain money from the fans. It's a cry for help, and I think it's pretty clear that Square wants us to kill them before they make Final Fantasy X-2-2.


Today I woke up and it was snowing but the snow was not sticking.