dear diary

Today I was playing Ravnica draft. I was on two life, staring down three fliers with no fliers of my own. I have no cards that can take out multiple creatures, so I am formally screwed.

Unless I can find a way to get a 5/5, a pair of 2/2s, and a 1/1 past three blockers to deal 10 damage.

I draw Bathe in Light. All his blockers are blue. I can use Radiance to give all my creatures protection from blue. If one of them wasn't green, that is.

I have a green/white creature in my hand. I can play it and target it with the Bathe in Light to make all my creatures unblockable.

I swing for 10.

Me and my opponent are both rendered speechless. Then we start to crack up. The general air of disbelief continues for a couple minutes.

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