anno domini two thousand six

Yesterday I made a pilgrimage to this distant building that could be seen from my dorm's stairwell. It caught my eye because it was significantly taller than the surrounding buildings. It turned out to be two separate buildings entirely.

I went down to the beach nearby and there, surrounded by the wall of lights on the other side, the dim twilight, and the hush of the surf, I made by new years' resolutions:

Complete a major art project, find a girlfriend, and do my laundry.

I have done one of those.

On the way back, it briefly rained.


Anonymous said...

Was it your laundry? Did you do it?

Erik Bear said...

You'll just have to guess at the MYSTERY!

Anonymous said...

By the by, that comment was left by me. AKA Amber. AKA awesome.

Erik Bear said...

Incidentally, you can leave your actual name by hitting the "other" button.