whatta gal

So I turn on the radio and I immediately hear Neko Case singing "Go on, go on, scream and cry / You're miles from where anyone will find you." She makes the best country music.


so i should inform you of these things if you don't already know

1. I got into the Drawing and Painting major. It was surprisingly/eerily easy.

2. I am renting an apartment in the U-District, starting September.

3. I am sort of dating Nat, which is like a cross between petting an angry cat and playing Ninja Gaiden, but in a good way.


square enix: i still hate them

This is probably the most ironic thing anyone at Square could have said: today's consoles are overengineered and you need a deep knowledge of gaming to play games on them. Because Gears of War is really complex and intricate, while Final Fantasy games are instantly accessible to non-gamers.

Square Enix is basically a dead studio, though, since all the good people that worked there are off at Mistwalker.

Although why do they have dog-picture desktop wallpaper?


moustache! whillikers!

So everybody I've lived with knows this already, but Brad Neely, who did Wizard People, Dear Reader and some kind of song about George Washington, has been doing plenty of other animations. Which mostly aren't quite as good as Wizard People, but, really, that's kind of hard to top.


arr p

So after watching Pirates of the Caribbean, I have this strong urge to run an ongoing 7th Sea campaign over the summer. Involving pirates, of course. Mind you, I would probably end up abandoning the Mage campaign, which is kind of sad but not that sad. Because pirates!

I'd also be up for running Legend of the Five Rings, but that kind of goes without saying.