hi, nat!

So Nat, this girl from my art history class (whom I have mentioned before, briefly and somewhat undescriptively) has managed to find this here blog. I'm very impressed, since many of my regular friends can't even find it (rimshot). I'm still trying to figure out where this lies on the Weird-Awesome Continuum, but I'm leaning towards "Awesome" because she is a pretty cool girl.


I have started reading Dinosaur Comics and I really enjoy the side characters, like the Devil. Or the raccoons and cephalopods! And who could forget Morris?


Megan said...

haha! I love the cephalopods! "PENETRATION." Brilliant! God's pretty cool, too. I love it when T-rex just denies god what he wants. Like the when God wanted stories about people walking around topless, and T-rex starts talking about Determinism or something like that. Priceless!

Anonymous said...