ray mansera: more interesting than presented here

Ray had figured out the meaning of the spiral. He had found it in a book about ancient Rome. There was a Pictish cult in Scotland, on the very border of the Empire: the White Howlers. Their deity was something called the Three Worms. Or maybe it was one Worm with three heads. But one was War, one was Hunger, and one was Corruption. The Worms lived at the center of Hell, in the Black Spiral Labyrinth. The Black Spiral Labyrinth twisted nine times. It was exactly how Ray had always seen it. During the cult’s initiation rituals, their members would “Dance the Black Spiral Labyrinth.” As the cultist danced closer and closer to the center, his madness grew and grew until he was “Like a Wilde Beaste.” It didn’t explain why the spiral was inside him, but it was clear that Anya knew something. And if the spiral was madness, then what would happen to Ray after he finished traversing all the Labyrinth’s paths and then reached the center? And what would happen to his friends?

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