a sort of complete list of all named counters in magic

Charge counters
Depletion counters
Growth counters
Storage counters
Age counters
Time counters
Fade counters
Quest counters
Luck counters
Doom counters
Fate counters
Hourglass counters
Arrow counters
Arrowhead counters
Javelin counters
Pin counters
Net counters
Trap counters
Shield counters
Elixir counters
Cube counters
Feather counters
Gold counters
Treasure counters
Rust counters
Soot counters
Petal counters
Shoe counters
Shell counters
Hatchling counters
Spore counters
Polyp counters
Fungus counters
Pressure counters
Fuse counters
Magnet counters
Winch counters
Matrix counters
Chip counters
Tide counters
Flood counters
Ice counters
Mire counters
Mine counters
Mining counters
Blaze counters
Wind counters
Paralyzation counters
Infection counters
Plague counters
Carrion counters
Third-Degree-Burn counters
Hunger counters
Healing counters
Divinity counters
Ki counters
Glyph counters
Bribery counters
Credit counters
Bounty counters
Wage counters
Aim counters
Study counters
Training counters
Devotion counters
Page counters
Shred counters
Sleight counters
Verse counters
Music counters
Sleep counters
Dream counters
Pain counters
Blood counters
Scream counters
Death counters