further evidence that i am the king of cats

Walking back from the grocery tonight, I stopped to pet a cat on the sidewalk. He had a collar, so it wasn't THAT impressive that he was friendly, but he let me rub his tummy, and after I started walking away, he started following me for like a half-block. Then he saw another cat sitting on some steps, and they had a pretty intense staring contest. After that he was a little more nervous and walked back home (presumably).

So fuck Tybalt, I'm the King of Cats.


i should inform you of this too, i suppose

So I'm no longer dating Nat. We'd actually both been assuming that was the case for some time, but hadn't seen each other for the past month and thus never really got the chance to break up with each other officially. So it was strangely non-awkward.

Presumably we are still friends, but it's not like I'll be seeing her often anyway.


i live!

So I've got internets now. And a router. Whee.




Well, I moved into my apartment in the U-District, but I currently have yet to actually assemble and organize everything, or, for that matter, get internet access. So I'm currently sitting in my car in the parking lot at UW, using their wi-fi on my laptop.