the jessica saga

Not so much of a saga as an anecdote, but a really interesting one though. More interesting than 82% of my life, anyway.

About a month ago, I'm riding the bus downtown and there's this really strikingly pretty girl on the seat across from me, talking with her friend. Which means I don't really have a good chance of talking to her, but she seems really interesting (and extremely cute). Unfortunately, I'm probably never going to see this girl again, and that makes me a little sad.

A while back on the Internet, I was reading about this guy in New York who saw a girl like that on the subway, and made a really cute website dedicated to meeting her. I don't really have the Internet skills to pull off that sort of marketing campaign, but I do have a pencil and a notebook in my bag. So I write a note saying something along the lines of:

This is kind of creepy but
I think you're really pretty
and maybe I could buy you tea sometime?
My phone number is ###-###-####
Oh, and by name is Erik by the way.

When she and her friend get up to get off the bus, I hand her the folded-up note, and say, "You should take this."
"Okay," she says, a little confused I assume. And then she leaves. I figure it's a real long shot and I'm never going to see her again anyway.

A week or two later I get a text:

Hello Erik. This is
Jessica. You might
not remember me,
but i'm the girl
from the bus awhile
ago. I just found
the note again
after clearing off
my desk. How do
you do?

We look each other up on Facebook. Unfortunately (for me anyway), it turns out she has a boyfriend. But she'd still like to be friends, which is still good. After some complex schedule renegotiations, I finally buy her tea at this really good place on the Ave, about two weeks ago. She's really nice (obviously) and we spend about three hours talking about really nerdy things. She'd been referring to me among her friends as either "the bus boy" or "Mr. Bear," so we drew each other pictures of Mr. Bear, who has a monocle, cane, etc. Hers is better than mine, which makes me a little ashamed to be an art major.

So we're pretty good friends now, which makes me really happy because it's really unlikely that we would have met, and also I'd assumed I would never see this girl again.


Anonymous said...

That took balls! Congratulations to you!

mitch said...

That's fantastic!