It sort of half-snowed last night, meaning that one out of my three classes were canceled today. That's nice for me because I've been pretty busy lately. I haven't really played any video games in a while, apart from leveling up my mining/blacksmithing skills in World of Warcraft, which doesn't count because it's extremely boring. Burning Crusade comes out on Tuesday. Hope I don't have too much homework next week, although English has a paper due like every three days so far.


Megan said...

It sort of totally snowed here, so I fell about six times walking to class. No fun! Did you get attacked by that big guy (Kruul, I think) who was all up in Ironforge today? It was big news, or so I hear. Everyone said it was almost the end of the world...

of Warcraft.

Erik Bear said...

You need to get a sense of balance. I have a Japanese copy of Balance, if you like.

I didn't see Kruul yet, but I went to the Dark Portal and helped fight off the infinitely spawning demons for a bit, and I got a kind of boring tabard as a reward. And then I bought so much Thorium to make into belts that I think I single-handedly raised the price of Thorium Bars.