how are my classes thus far?

Japanese: I forgot that most of the people that take Japanese make me want to drop Japanese. Beard and a ponytail? Sign me up!

English: Man, it's nice of the University to let you not get out of their beginning English class. My professor, who is Australian, managed to endear herself to me by saying "It looks like Battlestar Galactica in here" shortly after entering the classroom.

Drawing: Might be OK. But extremely useful to my major. There were roughly 20 people who showed up the first day trying to get into an empty spot. There were 2 empty spots.

In conclusion, there aren't nearly as many cute girls this quarter as last quarter. I don't know what was up with Native American Art History. That class was definitely a statistical anomaly in my favor.


Megan said...

How could a classroom look like Battlestar Galactica? That just confuses me.

Erik Bear said...

It looks like a cross between the CIC and the briefing room. For those that watch Battlestar Galactica.