whoops, haven't posted in about two weeks! better post something about slivers!

I am very sorry to all those who are offended by slivers.

Future Sight brings with it (hopefully) the last six slivers for a while. The entirety of Time Spiral block has been pretty much one giant slivergasm, and I'm trying to form a mental picture of that and it's really disturbing and spiky.

Here are those six slivers. Slivers... from the future!

Frenzy Sliver: What I like best here is the flavor text. "A creature that will inevitably escape our control and multiply endlessly, becoming a horde of millions that swarms over the land ravaging and destroying everything? Sounds like a good idea. I'll see if I can stick that into this month's conjuring budget."

Homing Sliver: This card is really useful for toolbox sliver decks. Like, ludicrously useful. Also, it looks like it's doing the limbo. The magical limbo.

I just noticed that the artist's last name is "Hairsine." He must've gotten teased a lot about that in high-school calculus.

Lymph Sliver: Oh, so that's what a slivergasm looks like. Eww. It's nice that it pretty much shuts down a lot of board-sweepers. Noting ruins a sliver's day like a Pyroclasm.

Mesmeric Sliver: It's '90s tribal tattoo sliver! All slivers you control gain Retro. (They are ironically cool.) Of course, the problem with Fateseal 1 is that it doesn't really do a whole lot, because even if you move that problem card to the bottom of their library the next one might be worse.

Sliver Legion: You know how Coat of Arms pisses people off? And you know how sliver swarm decks piss people off? Try combining those.

Virulent Sliver: It's colored like a poison-dart frog, which is cool, and it's small and its ability stacks. So this guy's pretty mean. Unless your opponent has Leeches, and then you're fucked. Wait, what does Leeches do again? Nevermind. That's the worst hoser ever. Wait, nevermind.

Honorable Mentions

I suppose that makes up for them not reprinting Metallic Sliver. Huh. Too bad it isn't a sliver itself.

Vedalken AEthermage: Apparently, in the future, blue guys hate slivers. But not enough to actually kill them.


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