the jessica saga part ii

Which actually happened about a month ago, but I kept putting off writing about it.

I found out through Facebook that Jessica had broken up with her boyfriend. So I was really, really happy, because I'd been hoping that would happen ever since I found out she had one. I wanted to ask her out, of course, but I thought maybe I should wait a little bit, that maybe she wasn't looking to get into something again right away. But I got nervous, because, what if some other guy had the same idea and asked her out first? So I decided to wait a week, and then get together and talk with her. All week, I was nervous, on the edge of either being the happiest I've ever been in my life, or being massively disappointed and heartbroken.

But that next weekend, all she had time to get together for was bubble tea with her and her friends. Talking to her about this in front of them would be awkward, obviously, so I thought instead I might write her a note telling her how I felt. Given how we met, it seemed appropriate. When we actually got together, though, there was some new guy there, who I'd never seen before. Shit, I thought. Still, maybe they weren't an item yet? Maybe I was just being paranoid? Then they held hands.

It broke my heart, and it hurt for kind of a long time.

Still, we're friends.

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Silenced Genius said...

I recognize it, especially The Name...

Funny, as I came here by a typo, actually looking for Ross Scot's blog. It didn't really look like a blog about Freeman's mind, but I recognized the title from Half-Life 2. So I scrolled down and saw Her name.

This world is really small.
Best of luck recovering. I know, a little bit, what you feel.