welp i went to comic-con

And I got some comics, and picked up some more sketches of robots. Well, actually, they were all from a bunch of people whom I'd never heard of before, apparently all friends as they were in a booth together with a sign that said "Free Sketches." So I got some free sketches and bought some comics from them, and then later returned with sketches of owls to give them in thanks, because they like owls.

Here are their websites that I can find:




There were six of them there but I only saw five, they were pretty cool people though.

Also my dad has a website now up for his new book, and I did some of the photography for it.

Oh, and I met the guy from Kyle XY but that isn't really very cool because I don't watch the show.


Professor_chai said...

It was rad meeting you, I ended up taking home Penelope and its now in NZ. The owls totally made the con for us!!

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Dude, thanks so much for the owls! I loved the one I got so much I had my friend turn it into a tattoo for me!!

your art is forever on my calf!


Erik Bear said...

Hmm, that's... gratifying. BTW that owl was pretty much a direct swipe from Scary-Go-Round's Space Owl, but I think I might be the only person who ever cared that much about Space Owl so that's okay.


Professor_chai said...

Dude you are so much better at drawing owls than the Scary Go Round guy.