this was kind of sad

Not sure what's sadder: the fact that I saw a squirrel try to avoid getting hit by a truck and almost make it, but not quite, so I got to see it twitch a couple times before it died, or the fact that I did a little dance when I saw that they officially announced that they're making a Legend of the Burning Sands RPG.


Mitch said...

It's a close call, but probably the squirrel.
I don't like deserts. Too dry.

Erik Bear said...

The backstory is that Burning Sands is part of the L5R world, but the card game it was fleshed out in died after like two expansions and AEG probably should have made a book for it years ago.

There's still a bunch of other gaijin cultures in L5R that need books, too, since there's a pseudo-Indian culture, at least two different European cultures, and a race of barbarians to the north that ride wurms or something and might be supposed to be the Ainu.