my new favorite marvel comics continuity issue

"Belasco - A lot of doubt and questions have arose over Belasco's account of his and Dante Alighieri's journey to Pangea. I tend to agree that it is highly unlikely that the ancient Pangeans' amusement park would so closely resemble Greek and Christian beliefs about Hell. Therefore it is extremely probable that Belasco reconfigured the park based on "The Inferno," and not that the park inspired Dante. So what is unknown is exactly when Belasco first journeyed to Pangea. Presumably it was after the 1320's, when Dante Alighieri's "The Inferno" was published, but it could have been anytime afterwards. Also unknown is how he lost his arm."

Edit: maybe it is late and I am easily amused, but I also love that step one of the Atlantean's plan to take over the Earth using the power of the Serpent Crown is to get a bunch of magic artifacts, melt them down, and build a bigger Serpent Crown.

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