seriously what the hell

I think it's actually physically impossible for me to get a date, I mean, a universal law similar like nuclear force, only for relationships and also in reverse. Even if I do manage to get a date there's a retroactive law of causality that causes it to become not a date.

I'm getting into romantic comedy territory here. It's not even depressing any more. It's annoying, and it's fucking ridiculous.


Notebooks said...

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Amber said...

That first comment is kind of suspect... So what happened this time? Maybe you should write a screenplay.

Erik Bear said...

I am very popular with Brazilian techbloggers, didn't you know that?

This time I was checking out books to this girl at the library and we were talking, and she was pretty cool and maybe there was a connection, so I looked her up on Facebook and asked if I could buy her coffee sometime, and she said yes. Turned out she wasn't looking to date right now, but we are friends now.

I could write a screenplay, but there isn't a good ending right now. It'd just be really nihilistic, the No Country for Old Men of romantic comedies.